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Romeo and Juliet did not rebel in opposition to the fate they fought in opposition to the actual people today, traditions, norms, and values that persisted in Verona through that interval.

So, that is a clear person compared to culture battle, a few inclined to make its existence without the need of the have to have to obey the violent and oppressive ethical process of its time. In some way, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy entirely mainly because of the eternal disagreement involving specific flexibility and social composition.


To conclude, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet should be regarded not only as the illustration of classical tragedy, the place destiny eventually destroys the heroes.

Contrastingly, a far more elaborate see on the participate in indicates that the main tragedy of Shakespeare’s masterpiece lies in the never ever-ending battle amongst a person’s strive for flexibility and the oppressive steps of social surroundings, such as other individuals, traditions, collective norms, and values. As the tragic ending of the enjoy could have been averted, Shakespeare confirmed that this outcome is merely the beginning of a new section of the specific-collective wrestle that would in all probability include distinctive themes, motifs, and context, preserving the core contradiction present.


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In The Hobbit, wealth is a good motivator for the dwarves who undertaking to steal their hoard back from a dragon, Smaug. But, in accordance to Marxist analyst Freedman, “Tolkien’s planet is one particular in which the great the greater part of the true content interests… are silently erased, to be replaced by…the abstract and essentially vacuous metaphysical struggle in between excellent and evil” (2002). As a result, though wealth is uncovered in the book, it is applied not to build an economic climate, but as an indicator of the fight in between good and evil. This can be demonstrated by inspecting the various sights of prosperity introduced by dwarves, Smaug, and hobbits, as well as the author’s treatment of these characters centered on their sights.


During the story, most of the primary characters are dwarves, known for their materialistic prosperity and their greed. They obtain treasure so irresistible that their passion is contagious even to Bilbo, for “As they sang the hobbit felt the like of gorgeous things designed by palms” (Tolkien 1982).

It is this greed for which they are punished. When their “halls turned total of armour and jewels and carvings and cups… Unquestionably that was what introduced the dragon” (Tolkien 1982). The dragon Smaug would not have been captivated to the dwarven mountain town had they not presently gathered this sort of a hoard on their own, and this is their punishment for the pride and greed they really feel for substance things. Furthermore, Smaug, who is even greedier and extra envious than the dwarves steals his prosperity rather than generating it and is punished with his own demise. Therefore, the dwarves are punished by the attraction of Smaug to their metropolis and Smaug, both of those greedy and a thief, is punished with demise, showing that the writer considers these attitudes reprehensible.

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