Different types of essays


Different types of essays

You need to decide if the author is achieving his goal of bringing his ideas to the reader. Remember to back up your assumptions with examples and common sense..

Blog How many words do you have to create when you go to college? Casey Brown Worried about too many words in your college admission essay? Find the perfect balance between being too noisy and too vague. An analytical essay requires the presentation of an argument or statement by breaking down and examining the main components of the problem, idea, or artwork such as movies, books, paintings, etc. The first paragraph of an explanatory essay should be as short as possible, as it tries to express only briefly but clearly your thesis, research question or purpose. Since this type of essay requires brevity, the recommended length is around words..

Ideas for extraordinary topics for argumentative essays

In a management essay that asks you to analyze the importance of a theory for modern organizations, you will need to describe the main features of the theory and relate them to examples of organizations. Read inspirational examples of essays and discover why they work so well. Remember to mention the college name several times in the text to let them know that you understand why and where you are writing. Emphasize how well your knowledge meets college requirements and standards. Some types of regular high school essays are a little harder than high school teachers ask..

Explanatory essays compare, explore and discuss issues. While they have a narrative element, their purpose is more important. You should always explain to the reader some holistic concepts. Telling stories means you are telling a story from a certain point of view and there is usually a reason to tell it. All narrative essays have characters, ambience, climax and most importantly, plot. This type of writing requires a detailed study of something in order to understand its nature and key features. In an essay on English literature on the poetry of Thomas Hardy, it is not enough to say that The Darkling Thrush is a powerful poem…

Reflective essay

The introductory paragraph is used to tell the reader which text or texts you are going to discuss. In the introduction, you will also determine the idea or problem of the text you want to explore in your analysis. This is sometimes called a thesis or research question. In this type of essay, you analyze, research and interpret things such as an event, book, poem, game or other work of art. You are giving an opinion and you are trying to convince the reader, you want to convince the reader in your point of view. Make no mistake about thinking that repeating and exaggerating your reasoning will get points for your readers. Do not just list facts, use them as examples to support your position, but at the same time, express your point of view as briefly as possible…

Examples of this type of essay include comparison, comparison, and contrast or differentiation questions. In this framework, similarities and / or differences between two or more elements are discussed paragraph by paragraph. Your assignment may ask you to make a recommendation on the suitability of the items being compared..


Suggestions that provide additional explanations and evidence from the literature and data, such as a case study to support a topic proposal. Based on this data, you may be asked to do a number of things, such as making recommendations or solutions, developing a nursing plan, training plan, providing legal advice, or planning a marketing strategy. They follow the same structure for any number of arguments you want to advance in support of a topic. Make the structure of the article clear to the reader using actual sentences and a clear introduction. 1) Make a list of the pros and cons of your plan before you start writing. Choose the most important ones that support your argument and the most important ones to dismiss and focus on…


Avoid using “etc.” This expression is commonly used by writers who have nothing more to say. The problem you have chosen to analyze has to do with your argument. When starting to analyze text, pay attention to the stylistic devices (“like” of the text) that the author uses to convey a certain meaning..

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